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Our Mission:

The Cooperative Leadership Network strengthens electric co-op Board leadership by supporting best practices in co-op governance, encouraging informed dialogue, providing industry information and networking opportunities with other Directors, to better serve their members and communities.

Cooperative Leadership Network Organizational Principles:

  • CLN Governance: Establish and follow policies and standards for excellence in democratic governance, including seeking a balanced, diverse Board of Directors for CLN.
  • Cooperation: Work in a cooperative manner with the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, its members and affiliates in accordance with the Seven Cooperative Principles.
  • Advancing Solutions: Encourage the sharing of success stories and lessons learned between cooperatives.
  • Non-advocacy: CLN will not promote or advocate for any position or policy. All viewpoints and comments reflect those of individual members and not CLN as an organization.

We are electric co-op Directors working locally for our members’ interests, and networked nationally to help Directors of electric co-ops meet the challenges of our changing technological, market and regulatory environments. CLN incorporated in 2015 to provide networking opportunities with other Directors to help members answer questions, understand industry trends, and share ideas. We normally only see and talk to each other at events and it is difficult to maintain those relationships with so much time and distance between meetings. CLN wants to provide that conduit for directors to stay connected and help foster discussions around new ideas, industry information and governance issues, even with anonymity. We envision these discussions will help us better serve co-op members and our communities. CLN joined NRECA as an Associate Member in August 2016.

CLN Governance:
CLN is an approved 501c3 organization. As detailed in our By-Laws, Cooperative Leadership Network is governed by a Board of Directors, elected by our Principal Members: current and former Directors of electric distribution cooperatives. If you want a place to maintain your relationships with other Directors and have dialogue on our industry topics, Join Now.


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