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CLN is creating an interactive platform for members to benefit from the knowledge of all.  We envision lively and diverse discussions over various issues, solutions offered to various questions and governance challenges. There are several ways to engage with others CLN members on this site:

Discussions  – As a CLN Member, you can post discussion topics to share ideas, experiences and information, or you can comment on other discussions which you find of interest.

Director Abby – Use this area to pose questions or offer your solution to specific questions posted by others. These are shorter than Discussion posts, and do not present information. Since questions can cover potentially sensitive topics, you have the option to post questions and responses anonymously.

Archives – This is the CLN Reference Section where you can access reports, webinar recordings, and news articles. All are searchable using keywords.

Instant Poll – Both Members and site visitors can participate in quick, anonymous poll questions. Past polls are available for viewing as well.

Registered CLN website users will have the ability to protect their privacy through anonymous submissions of questions to Director Abby. Only CLN members will have the opportunity to respond and view e responses for Director Abby questions.  Our vision includes directors and industry members collaborating, agreeing and disagreeing on how to solve complicated challenges facing our cooperatives, their members, and their communities.  Become a member today and enjoy the benefits below for free.

Join today while you research and build relationships so you can be a better director for your co-op, its members and its community all for free. 

CLN is growing its membership to support the relationship building for all directors. We qualify each member to ensure we are keeping the hackers out.


CLN Principal Member Benefits (current and former REA Directors)

  • Director members are eligible to run for and vote for CLN board positions.
  • Members can now maintain their relationships with other directors and CLN members from across the country.
  • Members can create profiles on the CLN website so other members can see your area(s) of expertise and interest. Only members can view the portions of a profile selected to share.
  • Members can vote on polls, submit poll questions and view the results from current and archived polls.
  • Members can submit discussion topics and post comments on other discussion threads.
  • Members can be part of the Director Abby solution and offer solutions to the questions proposed
  • Members can receive alerts for specific areas of interest when they are posted
  • Members can search the growing repository of articles, discussions, Director Abby solutions, program snapshots, and any other resource shared.
  • Members will enjoy free registration for webinars and online events (for now).
  • Members can access the member directory.
  • Members can access the entire CLN website.

Advisory (or Non Voting) Members

  • All Member Benefits above, aside from eligibility to run for Board positions, and voting privileges.


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