CLN’s Successful Breakout at NRECA 2019 Directors Conference

On Monday over 95 participants from across the country joined CLN’s “Diverse Opinions on the Board Build Stronger Co-ops” panel work session, moderated by Susan Reeves, Director at Chugach Electric (Vice Chair) and CLN Board Member.

Janet Reiser, CLN Board Member and former Board Chair of the Chugach Electric Co-op, welcomed participants and gave an overview of CLN.

Featured panelists included Liz McIntyre, Director at Mountain Parks Electric (CO) and CLN Board Member; Seandra Pope, Founder & CEO of Rooted Consulting Group Inc; and Ric Evans, Director at Great Lakes Energy (MI) and CLN Board Chair. Following the panel presentation, there were many questions from the audience spurring an insightful discussion. 

In Case You Missed It: click below to view the presentation slides.

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  1. I didn’t make the breakout so I have a question regarding the slides. What is meant by diverse? Race diversity? Economic diversity? Political diversity?
    Or is it just a different point of view? Diversity is a dangerous word in today’s context. Board will most likely vote unanimous on many items but where there are differences of opinions the vote should on what is believed to be the best interest of the co-op and what is best for the members. 5-4 votes for a board of 9 should signal there was great debate and differences of opinion.

    Driving board diversity because of race or political view point is dumb. Board members can have different opinions but it better be the same as the majority of the members that board member represents. Boards are best served when the best people are seated on the board based on qualifications and experience. Think about the people that a economically challenged. Should they be on boards to make million dollar decisions? Were they successful in their lives with hundred dollar decisions? Best served with the best people.

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