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    Dave Munk

    As we dive into the NRECA event season for 2017 there are some significant developments from 2016 to share with you. First, the Cooperative Leadership Network (CLN) is now a recognized 501c3 nonprofit corporation. CLN is now an Associate Member of NRECA. As we enter the new year, our new website is opening new avenues to share information and experiences while connecting with other Co-op Directors.

    Through CLN you will gain access to fellow Director and industry professionals who have experience with the same topics that you are facing. The responsibilities of a Co-op Director are changing along with the industry itself. A growing number of REA Directors view our roles as going beyond ensuring the reliability of electric service and the long term financial strength of our systems, also to navigate the opportunities and uncertainties of a rapidly changing energy landscape.

    These goals are well aligned with NRECA positions, which has led to CLN join NRECA as an Associate Member. This gives all of us expanded access to groundbreaking research on new technologies and Co-op success stories from around the country – as well as to fellow Directors.

    There are many ways to gain information, and peer exchange with more experienced Directors is one of the best. It can be challenging to meet fellow Directors with a similar backgrounds or interests, but this new peer network offers a rich new source of information and strategic ideas.

    CLN is here to make those connections easy to build – and even easier to access – right when you need them. The relationships which only existed in conference hallways are now available on demand at the new CLN website. Directors from around the country are responding strongly in support of the vision and direction of CLN to forge this new important network.

    Welcome to CLN!

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