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    Dave Munk
    Dave Munk

    Welcome to the new CLN Website!

    This website will be the heart of the CLN network – a 24/7 ‘virtual conference hallway’ where conversations and information can be found at any time. This is where CLN will be based, offering a platform which will grow in the directions that CLN members choose. Your participation will drive the growth and success of our network!

    CLN members will provide input to the CLN Board and Staff – you will define the direction we take together, shaping:
    – WHAT Topics are covered – these will come from you,
    – HOW Information will be shared: online, webinars, workshops, in-person events, podcasts, expanded member profiles, case studies, etc.
    – WHO will be part of the network and website discussions – CLN members (current and former REA Directors) are already set. Who else will be involved? There are many who would like to contribute to the CLN dialogue: Co-op and statewide CEOs, industry experts, consultants, NRECA staff, and/or…?

    The goal of CLN is to help Directors be as effective as possible, by sharing knowledge, experience and insights from other Directors (CLN members) as well as outside sources.

    Check out the website and get involved! This is YOUR network, and you can shape it to best meet your needs.

    This represents the ‘soft launch’ of the site, and site improvements will continue to occur in the coming months. But it’s definitely time for discussions and dialogue to begin now around popular topics. Please dive in! Check out the features of the new site, and begin to participate by: 1) commenting on existing discussions and Director Abby questions; 2) posting new discussion topics and Director Abby questions, which can be done Anonymously; 3) making suggestions or requests for content or features for the website or CLN overall.

    Initial FAQ/User Guide:
    • How to add a discussion topic – Go to the Idea Exchange page and enter a new topic
    • How to post a question anonymously – on the home page or the Director Abby page select anonymous and type your question.
    • How to update your profile – Go to the member center tab and select My Profile from the drop down.
    • Offer suggestions for topics or other CLN matters CLN Central: Comment on CLN How are posts monitored? – All topics and questions go through a review to catch spam and illicit use of the site.
    • Is CLN responsible for the accuracy of posts? – No if the topic is appropriate we post it as it came in.
    • Connect directly to other CLN members – all members are listed in the member section and you can connect with any of them.
    • Search for topics of interest to you – Use the search box
    • Receive updates or notifications of activity in the topics or items you are interested in – in your profile select the topic you are interested in and you will be contacted when one topic is discussed or asked about.

    All feedback is welcome to and we look forward to suggestions, critiques and all feedback on the website and CLN. Welcome to YOUR network!

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