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    Dave Munk
    Dave Munk

    The NRECA Director Advisory Group held a conference call last month to discuss issues with NRECA executives and other Directors. Capital Credits are a big focus for NRECA and co-ops nationally. Various policies and practices were discussed, such as how to calculate amounts to return and how this important co-op function relates to your equity management policies. A link was provided for the Capital Credits Task Force Report and Legal Supplement, which provides examples of practices and policies used by a variety of co-ops.

    The 2015 National Directors Survey was discussed, and Monica Schmidt will be reporting on the findings at the upcoming Directors Conference in Austin. The NDS survey is distributed nationally, and the survey response rate was a bit down from 2014, but still solid at 57%. One suggestion for co-op respondents was to check with their Directors to obtain a more accurate estimate of the amount of time spent for their co-ops, so when readers look at compensation on the 990 form or when summarized on the NDS, the per-hour compensation rates are accurate. Director compensation is an ongoing topic which is central to attracting talented leaders as well as maintaining member satisfaction. There will be an updated class at the Austin conference.

    Feedback was collected on the pilot release of the now-finalized Online Director Education Assessment Tool, which provides a survey of your current knowledge in a wide range of co-op topics, along with recommendations for useful classes. Check out the Online Director Education Assessment Tool for some suggestions and a helpful recap of your progress to date.

    The group also had a discussion regarding Skills Based Learning classes which are being considered by NRECA. The Group will meet in Austin at the Directors Conference on April 5.

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