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We are electric co-op Directors working locally for our members’ interests, and networked nationally to help each other meet the challenges of our changing technological, market and regulatory environments. CLN incorporated in 2015 to provide networking opportunities for Directors to learn from each other by asking and answering questions, understanding industry trends and sharing ideas. We normally only see and talk to each other at industry events and it is difficult to maintain those relationships with so much time and distance between meetings.

Through CLN membership, we are providing Directors the opportunity to stay connected and foster peer-to-peer discussions around new ideas, industry information and governance issues. These discussions will help us better serve co-op members and our communities.

CLN joined NRECA as an Associate Member in August 2016.


CLN helps electric cooperative board directors to advance consumer-centric utility innovations and best governance practices to better serve the energy and community needs of their members.


Our vision includes directors and industry members collaborating,  sharing views and experiences on how to solve complicated challenges facing our cooperatives, their members, and their communities.


  • Improve electric cooperative system reliability and resiliency
  • Promoting new technologies and services to meet changing customer needs
  • Increase member choice by offering more consumer driven programs
  • Sharing program successes and lessons learned
  • Strengthen member engagement in their electric cooperatives
  • Increase diversity and improve representation on electric cooperative boards nation-wide
  • Promote increased transparency and other best practices of electric cooperative boards and utility leadership
  • Seek utility solutions to benefit local economic vitality
  • Help electric cooperatives become a community stakeholder and engaged partner, not simply a provider of electricity
  • Improve the success of incumbent agriculture via programs that increase energy efficiency, generate onsite renewable energy and other operational improvements


  • CLN Governance: Establish and follow best practices, policies and standards for excellence in democratic governance, including seeking a balanced, diverse Board of Directors for CLN.
  • Cooperation: Work in a cooperative manner with the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, its members and affiliates in accordance with the Seven Cooperative Principles.
  • Advancing Solutions: Encourage the sharing of success stories and lessons learned between cooperatives Board Directors.
  • Non-advocacy: CLN will not promote or advocate for any position or policy. All viewpoints and comments reflect those of individual members and not CLN as an organization.


CLN is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. As detailed in our Bylaws, the Cooperative Leadership Network is governed by a Board of Directors, elected by our Members: current and former Directors of electric distribution cooperatives. If you seek a trusted platform to maintain your relationships with other Directors and have conversations on our industry topics, Join Now.

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